Sunday, January 09, 2011

What's Been Going on

After two weeks of slouching, lazing and loafing about, this past week saw me going back to work. While the rest was nice, I can't imagine what I would do in retirement. Would I turn into a couch potato? There's only so much unstructured time one highly structured individual can handle.

It's not as if I didn't go anything during my time off. I actually did get quite a bit of writing - well, really editing. Now I just need to make the changes in Word. As mentioned before, despite my interest in an iPad or eReader, I like to work from printed pages. I also got other things done but a vacation is mostly about relaxing and that I did, now onto 2011.

Since getting back from Florida this past Thanksgiving, I've been dieting. After gorging on Thanksgiving festivities, returning and stepping on the scale I was stricken with grief for nearly all my gains (or rather losses) from 2010's earlier dieting had vanished (or rather gained...whatever). Now since watching what I eat, I am down 3 pounds which actually includes a tick up of a pound for Christmas - a girls gotta have some leeway. I find the site helpful in tracking what goes in my big, fat mouth. Just like watching your finances, writing everything down helps. You wouldn't believe the amount of consumption that happens. This time I'm not purposely limiting myself to certain foods. In fact last night I had ice cream and pasta. It's just staying below your maximum daily caloric intake that matters.

Additionally, for exercising, I've been using the Shakeweight which I asked Santa for Christmas. Despite the SNL parodies and awkward gestures one must perform in order to work the thing, I find it quite effective. It's not really something one should use to lose weight - in fact I think I've gained a bit of muscle weight from it - but I find it good for firming the upper body.

Okay onto something completely different...

Yesterday, while shopping for rock salt at Home Depot and then traipsing to the men's room to relieve myself of the too-much-coffee I had drunk, I spotted a garage door insulation kit. I never knew such a thing existed; being the non-handyman that I am it had never even occurred to me to insulate such a thing but I am now excited to do so. The great room, with it's two exposed walls, above our garage is difficult to heat. I think this will help dramatically and I shall be purchasing one within the near term. I'll keep you posted as you can probably imagine I will.

Today's the day where we box up Christmas for another 10 to 11 months. This is always a chore that, unlike putting it up, I don't find much fun. The house always seems so boring after all the decorations are down. In anticipation of this drabness, I purchased some tulips during yesterday's grocery shopping. After all they are my favorite flower and despite them being $8 a bunch I thought it a nice segue into a much anticipated spring.

Spring Tulips and Christmas Tree Scented Candle


Jabacue said...

Good morning Rick. Yes, keeping track of the 'food intake' can be an eye-opener! But once its part of your daily regime, you will hardly notice doing it.
I had to watch what I was eating, not for weight's orders! A year and half ago I started watching the 'bad' fats and the sugar I was eating. I really cut them back and lost 30 pounds in that time period. The doctor now is very pleased with my 'numbers'....HDL and LDL (cholesterol). And Ron thinks he's living with the guy he met in the 70's!! Not bad at all, I guess.

Believe me Rick you will settle into retirement when the time comes. Amazing how the body 'kicks in' to that gear.....less structure but busy on your own terms.Good that you enjoy work and are not in a rush to retire like a lot of folks.
Have a great day sir.

Sean said...

If you have problems with the tulips wilting, adding 3-4 pennies to the water will be like giving them viagra.

Ur-spo said...

It seems like everyone is dieting these days; but I suppose watching our waistlines is a good thing.

I don't like taking down Christmas things either. Happily my partner does it all nowadays.

Here in AZ people air-condition their garages !

A Lewis said...

Insulating your garage is definitely a good thing. Many people don't. But I always have.

And dieting? Not so much. It has to be a way of life....daily, every day, all things in moderation and balance. Then it will work...over the long term.

Lemuel said...

A year ago when our older garage door died, we replace it with an energy efficient, insulated door. Our garage runs under our kitchen and living room. It is amazing the difference in the garage as well as in the two upper rooms.

Rick said...

@Jim - I am looking forward to retirement. You're right. I'll settle in.

@Sean - that's right! I'll throw a few in. Thanks for the reminder.

@Spo - Un-decorating Christmas is not fun.

@Arnie - yes, all things in moderation.

@Lemuel - I think ours is insulated as well but I figure an extra layer couldn't hurt.

BosGuy said...

Glad to read you had a relaxing time off from work. I was a bum with all my time off too - I would do it all over again too if given the chance.

After all the fun, I think I might need to check out that LoseIt site.


CJ/Rick said...

I'm trying as well to cut back but it is so hard after over indulging during the holidays. Reading what one has eaten can be a shocker.
I too took down Christmas decor over the weekedn. I thought my tree still looked good and I was hesitant but this was the last week for curbside pickup of the tree sooo. You're right everything does look blah.

Mike said...

Was your garage complaining about being cold? Give those damn garages an inch, they take a mile. I'm just sayin'....

A Shakeweight? Really? You won't be posting any video of you using it, will you? (Please?)

sophie...^5 said...

Listen Jim at Jabacue...he's all knowing ;-) Really retirement is the land of l;east for us...time flies by especially with blogging. AND Sophie who is our pride and joy.

tornwordo said...

One nice thing this year was that we didn't put up decorations so there was no need to take them down. And Loseit is the best. That reminds me, I haven't logged yet today.

Rick said...

@BosGuy - the time off is but a distant memory now...cheers!

@CJ/Rick - curbside pick up will do it to ya all the time

@Mike - a video? I think it'd be banned!

@Sophie - something to look forward to

@Torn - Mr. Travel! Oh, and thanks for the LoseIt tip.