Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Springing for Cash

Happy belated Valentine's day! Life's been crazy here.

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour at the Volvo dealer. My air compressor went - something to do with the A/C, the alternator and some pulley-thing. $1,200 later...

I guess I'm at the point of car ownership, (it's now 8 years old) where you start to weigh repair costs versus buying new. I'd rather not have a car payment. Though next up is a new set of tires. (Didn't I just get some?) Cosmetic fix to the ding on my bumper. (It's driving me crazy but can wait.) At this rate I could have a good down payment on a new S60 or even those cute little Insights.

Other than a card, Chris and I decided not to get anything for each other for Valentine's Day. (Did I mention the $650 to chop the ice from our gutters to stop the leaking that was happening inside the house? Or the additional $600 we'll need to shell out to repair the second floor hallway ceiling?) I was relieved at not needing to get gifts then he surprised me with a gift certificate to eBay for me to buy some postcards I'd been eying. Of course the guilt ensued. (We're now members of the MFA.)

Chris has been sick. I've been popping vitamins and washing my hands like a frenetic OCD-er. Anyway, no need to complain, at least spring is coming.


Jim said...

They say (whoever THEY are)that one is further ahead with expenses by keeping the 'cluncker' than buying new. There will always be that 'monthly' payment on the new, as only occasionally will there be a 'fixer' payment on the old one.
But I know what you are going through....we were there a number of times. And it IS good to have 'peace of mind'!!! See, I was no help whatsoever!!! lol
Have a great week Rick.

Tiger Tsuki said...

Ah, yes. the joys of home (and car) ownership! I used to collect Halloween ephemera too. What a small world! :)

D@vid said...

I love that countdown to spring gadget... fun!!

Greg said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you, too. As for the "you don't need to get me anything" spiel: we tried that, too, and wound up surprising each other with gifts. I hope Chris feels better!

wcs said...

Yay spring!

the cajun said...

Your post gave me the shivers. All that money at the same time, just suddenly - *poof* - gone.

Reminded me of my previous life and home ownership.

Yes, by all means, think SPRING!

Steven said...

Hopefully that will be the last of what you'll have to shell out on the car! Will you be getting a tax refund? A cute countdown to Spring. And daylight savings time happens in a few weeks, too. :-)

Peter said...

It sounds you need a second job to make ends meet. Hope that was the end of a line of extra expenses.

savante said...

But you do reach a certain point where it makes more sense to get a new car - since the resale value of the older car would already start falling rapidly. :)

Though yes I hate the monthly loan payments as well. But at least the new car would come with all sorts of freebies like two year free maintenance?

Rick said...

@Jim - I'm still better off keeping it

@Tiger - Yeah, Halloween ephemera!

@David - I like it too!

@Greg - I've learned my lesson

@wcs - can't come soon enough

@Cajun - the joys of home ownership

@Steven - ah daylight savings

@Peter - no second job here!

@Savante - I'll hang to it for a couple more years

CJ/Rick said...

Yes Spring is coming. It's been in the uper 70's for a few days. I'm not enjoying the humidity.
It seems $1200 is the dealers favorite price point for anything from brakes to drive belts.
Tires can be another $800-$1000.
Home repairs-I heard that.
Isn't it great to be alive?
I love all the snow pics and Bandit looks so precious. But I know you're tired of it.

Stephen said...

Your part of the country had quite the winter! Sending Bandit white light from 2 Oregon Terriers- Larry & Junior

Ur-spo said...

I am sorry to be late to the conga line of greetings; by now you are feeling better, I trust?

Ron said...

Get the new car if possible. Once the $1,200 here and the $800 there start popping up, it's only downhill from there. I had my 1998 Subaru Forester for 125,000 miles but "things" started to happen. After $4,000 in repairs within a year I said "Enough!" and bought a NEW 2010 Subaru Forester (also red like my previous baby.) By the way, you get that new car smell too as a bonus.

tornwordo said...

You guys could surely fix the ceiling yourselves. A little drywall patching and repainting is pretty easy. There are oodles of tutorials available on youtube. Good luck!

Charles said...

I'm with you Rick. I can't wait till Spring!

Rick said...

@CJ/Rick - glad you like the pics...send us your weather!

@Stephen – Bandit thanks you!

@Spo – yes, doing better…not worth worrying about

@Ron – the new car smell is very tempting

@Torn – we probably could but I’m afraid it won’t come out right – not the handiest of guys here

@Charles – it’s been a rough one!