Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Doing on President's Day

Well looks as if I haven't posted anything in nearly a week. Where does the time go? It's almost the end of February. I'm fine with February flying by; the first two months of the year are my least favorite. Onto March and the long-awaited spring! Anyway, what's doing here?

Since my last post things are much better. I've gotten over the sticker shock of throwing $1,300 (needed a new battery too) into my car. And while I've yet to schedule the repairs on the ceilings I've written this off, emotionally anyway, as part and parcel of home ownership. Thank God for tax refunds!

Today sees President's Day. I have it off while Chris does not. It's snowing...again. Are you surprised? So this morning I shall be out shoveling working out my biceps. Though this snow appears to be light and fluffy so it won't be much of a workout. At some point today I need to check in with the in-laws. They want to store a mahogany dresser at our place whilst they snowbird down to Florida for the rest of the winter. I don't know where I'm going to put the damn thing. They figured I would put it in my basement but I'll need to chisel out the bulkhead which is currently under a foot of ice. Maybe I'll get my workout in after all.

Well, at first, onto some writing. I'm working on a piece, for a literary journal, in which a group of corporate mongers head off into the woods for a day of team-building. Tempers flare and personalities clash as they work together to complete their exercise.

Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello though he went back to bed, nestled a top my $50 orthopedic pillow which I can't stand but he apparently loves.


Jim said...

Hi Rick! Your weather is very similar to ours.....except that I think you get more snow.
Bye bye February, hello spring!

Ur-spo said...

I was glad to see you posting
Mr. Bandit is fortunate indeed to have such a lovely pillow!

BosGuy said...

Did the snow stick? I woke up to snow in Boston on Monday, but it never stuck and the sun melted anything that was on cars.

I'm right there with you - regarding fast forwarding to spring.

Steven said...

We had a light snowfall as well, but I decided to try out the leaf blower instead of pulling out the snow blower again. Why do the in-laws need their dresser stored at your place. Are they getting their place renovated while in Florida? Glad that Bandit is a creature of comfort. :-)

Peter said...

Dogs are sometimes just humans, glad Bandit likes the pillow, so iut's well spend money ;)

Hanuman Das said...

Dogs always go for quality!!

Ron said...

Watch out for those corporate 'mongers'. I've worked for them too! I know whereof you speak when you say January and February are your two least favorite months. To be they're just "get through it months." They never seem to go fast enough. Last night a horrific wind tore about a dozen roof tiles off my almost brand new roof. $300 later I had it repaired this morning. Always something isn't it?