Monday, March 07, 2011

Fast One

Spring is coming!  Just yesterday alone, with temperatures in the 50s, most of the snow melted in our backyard. Can hardly wait to start mowing the lawn again. (Though check in with me four months from now and see how I feel about it.)

Chris' company restructured. They sold off his division. He was offered his same position with the new company but his commute got worse - and he already had it rough. Today's his first day. We'll see how it goes.

Went with friends to see the Edwards Twins again. We saw them last year and when they came around again we jumped at the chance. They are so good. They impersonate celebrities (one in drag). His impersonation of Cher is unbelievable, looks and sings just like her.

I'm in the American Idol office pool - vote who gets kicked off each week and ultimately pick the winner - so I've been watching that. I actually like J Lo and Steven Tyler. At first I didn't but I like them now.

Okay, need to do my workout. No coffee this morning! Ugh! I have to stop off at the clinic for my annual blood test so I've been fasting since 7:30 last night.


Jim said...

Hooked on Idol too! Lots of 'good' ones this year! And I love the new judges.
Checked out the 'twins'....incredible.

Jim said...
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Greg said...

Spring needs to get here faster. I'm tired of the rain!

Peter said...

Hope things work out for Chris, and that you get good results.

CJ/Rick said...

You might just change your tune about mowing. I plant winter rye in back yard to help maintain the st augustine through winter. I've been having to mow every 4 days. But I know you're tired of snow.
I hope your blood test checked out okay.
I haven't seen one show of idol this year.

Jason, as himself said...

I've heard other people say they like the new Idol, too, but I haven't watched it yet.

Glad spring is on the way!

Ur-spo said...

I laughed at your office pool - what will you all do and think of next?

D@vid said...

My friends and I did an Idol pool in the past... and Survivor... yea, we pretty much have nothing going on. I like the new season and there's a lot of talent. It's anyone's game at this point.