Monday, March 14, 2011

The Shameless Plug

As many of you know I have recently completed a novel. As you may also know, I am in search for an agent to represent it and subsequently a publisher to publish it. Harper Collins, a large reputable publishing firm in the UK, has a web site called Authonomy - a place for writers to showcase their works and for editors, publishers, agents and other authors to read and review. I have posted my manuscript onto this site. As I am grateful for all the years (hard to believe since 2005) of support my blog readers have given me, I'd like to share my work of passion -- the one that I have been slaving over for several years. As I value your opinion, I would love your feedback.

The way the website works is that if you get enough "backings" (support) and reviews your book will rise in the rankings. The higher the ranking the more apt it is to be seen by the editors. Eventually Harper may publish some of those that cross their desk. It's a bit of popularity contest but I figure what's there to lose. So, if you're interested, take a gander, rank it and rate it. Your continued support is much appreciated.

What's it about? Here's the dust jacket version:
An incredibly talented singer and actress, finds herself on the verge of a breakdown as her career begins to reach new heights.

Could it be magic? Carolyn Sohier's remake of a classic Barry Manilow song is making her famous - so much so that it has gotten to the point where she can no longer hide behind the success of others, as she had as a successful backup singer, or seek comfort behind the glass in the recording studio where the audience never gets to see her.

After a devastating live performance Carolyn's manager quits and she soon finds herself needing to fulfill a movie contract in which she is to portray a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. She journeys to New England, bringing along her childhood friend Michael, to film on location in, coincidentally, the area they grew up.

Carolyn and Michael meet up with two calamity-prone aspiring witches desperately trying to get into the clutches of the local witch chapter. Rebecca and Berniece latch onto the film as advisers and soon befriend Carolyn and Michael. Yet production is forced out of Salem when the local witch contingency protests and the entire cast and crew retreat to a small island off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine called Summerwind where Carolyn learns to overcome her fears.
To read Summerwind: Closed for the Season click here.

To read the author's bio (that would be me) click here.


A Lewis said...

Hey, Wow!, I know someone famous. Sort of. Congratulations!

D@vid said...

That's great that you're getting the exposure. I'll have to check it out. Good luck with it :)

Greg said...

Nice work! I hope someone picks it up.

Rick said...

Arnie, David and Greg - thanks for your support!

Ur-spo said...

What an accomplishment. Good for you !