Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring in My Step

Temperatures Rising...

Today, at 7:21 p.m. (EDT), the vernal equinox shall be upon us. I've been pinning, for so long now, the advent of spring and finally here it is. Ah.

Yesterday, in due celebration, I went out and bought fertilizer for my lawn (all four steps at a bargain price) along with a new loper to cut back the Rose of Sharon that grows like a weed. The other day while stopping for an ice coffee (yes, it's that season too) the outside temperature gauge on my car read 73. I immediately posted it to my FaceBook page, as it seemed too appropriate not to share with my friends, in more temperament climates, that were griping about winter temperatures in the 50s. However, that one day in 70s didn't last long; yesterday was a bit chilly as is today (so far anyway).

I haven't written a "regular update" blog post in awhile. My book (of course you've all read every one of the 493 pages, right? If not click here to enjoy!) has been consuming a lot of my time. But today I want to present a quick little spring update.

  • We'll be going to Florida in a few weeks. Off to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter and then relaxing on the beach for a week. Definitely looking forward to that.
  • While we're gone, Bandit will be staying with his friends our former dog walker and her husband. She started her own doggie day care. We have become friends with them and, in fact, are going out to dinner with them on Friday.
  • Chris' birthday is Thursday.  He and I are going here to celebrate; then here with the Bandit's former dog walker on Friday; and finally out here with friends on Saturday to celebrate joint birthdays (his and our friend Diane). Chris has also asked for flowers to be delivered to his office and a detailing for his car. He's not cheap!
  • I'm really into this season's American Idol. While I no longer wish to be Ryan Seacrest's husband (over him), I am amazed at the amount of talent. I also think Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler add a good dose of needed change to the show. Occasionally I miss Simon's sarcasm.  I'm also in seventh place, out of 30, in the American Idol office pool.
Okay, off to read the Sunday paper.


Jim said...

Hi Rick! Spring is warmer there than here.....but it is coming they say!
Idol is so much better this season with new judges. So many to choose from.....I like Thia of the girls and Paul from the guys. We'll see! Too bad Canadians can't vote....I suppose then it wouldn't or couldn't be called American Idol.

Ron said...

Yes, Spring is here! I haven't read your book but I will check into it. I'm planning my own which I better do before I kick the bucket or become senile. Enjoy your Florida holiday. You deserve it after this long and cold winter!

Peter said...

At least you're writing a post and keeping us up-to-date.

Better start count-down the days before you leave for Florida.

tornwordo said...

I'd be excited about the apring if it wasn't supposed to snow a half a foot today. Happy happy to Chris.

CJ/Rick said...

I know you were happy about hitting 73 degrees. Sounds like you've got a busy time planned. I hope all goes well.