Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Spring is Now Gone from My Step (and My Undies)

The first full day of spring in the Boston area and wouldn't you know we get snow. Talk about dampening one's vernal-spirits. Luckily it didn't accumulate to much, resulting in just a dusting inland and a mere annoyance on the coast. And to top it off temperatures are to not rise much above 40 for the week. I guess I won't be out in the yard this weekend.

Well, not going to let that get me down. Tonight we'll be enjoying Mexican pizza at our favorite haunt. Though I need to lose 3 more pounds to reach my goal. I've lost over 10 since Thanksgiving.

Did I ever tell you what triggered my diet? Funny story actually...

A new clothing store opened in our area. We stopped in to do some Christmas shopping and while I was there I figured I'd pick up a new package of underwear, as mine were getting tattered.

The next day while getting ready for work I tore open the package and put them on. "Oh, my God! Don't tell me I now need a large! This is pathetic. I'm such a fatty, patty. I'm am no longer going to eat...ever!" I let the self-deprecation ensue as I looked in the mirror at the muffin top flopping over my new Hanes.

Depressed, I went about my day getting a full appreciation for the term tighty-whities. By the end of the day I felt as if the circulation in my legs was being cut off.  I came home, trudged upstairs to change into my comfy  and bulky sweats, took off the underwear and read the label: Boys Medium.

While my spirit brightened a bit I decided to use the experience as a means to begin a diet and exercise regime.  I then threw the entire package in the trash yet later was needing to explain myself to Chris who was a bit concerned upon finding little boys underwear in the wastebasket.

Some Slim Wear?


Mark said...

Thanks for the early morning laugh. Loved it! As soon as my boys are out of their Transformer underwear, I'll send a pair to you. But don't sell them on the Internet!

Jim said...

LOL! Sounds familiar Rick! Denial is a funny thing,eh?

Ron said...

I really like you! A good funny story. "Tattered undies?" Really? And the 'muffin top.' Tell me about it. Yesterday I was at the doctor's and I got weighed. 170 lbs! I told the nurse practitioner that I was wearing a LOT of clothes and I REALLY didn't weigh THAT much. She just gave a knowing smile. Sorry about the snow. That is depressing on the first day of Spring. Warmer days are a coming my friend!

Hanuman Das said...

Maybe it's not your waistline that's going. Maybe it's your eyesight! ;)

Writer said...

I would boast about having 70 degree temps for the past week but that's all going away tomorrow and we'll be in the 40s and 50s for the next week.

Good luck with the diet. I think you look fine but I'm pretty hard on myself as well. But I enjoy both food and alcohol way too much. :)

Ur-spo said...

I empathized !
I hope you achieve your goal

Lemuel said...

At the end of it all, I think you should brag about even being able to get into boys medium's!! I might have had a pair framed. :)

the cajun said...

Um, you really gotta read the labels carefully these days. People just toss things where they don't belong.
The opposite happened to me. I was unpacking boxes that had been in storage for 3 years and came upon one with slacks and shirts still with tags intact. They were all 2 sizes bigger than I am now.

They went to the thrift store and made someone (larger) a bit happier.

Greg said...

We enjoyed pouring rain during the first few days of Spring. And you shouldn't have thrown out the undies; the make for great cleaning clothes when you need to dust, etc.

Rick said...

@Mark - glad I could give you a chuckle

@Jim - Denial? What are you saying?

@Ron - 170! That would be nice.

@Hanuman - yes, maybe new glasses are in store

@Writer - same temps here

@Spo - thanks man

@Lemuel - I'm glad someone thought that

@Cajun - I should have looked closely

@Greg - I would have been too embarrassed - what if the maid same them! (Wish we had one.)

tornwordo said...

It's 15 degrees here this morning! Funny story about the underwear. Congrats on the 10 pounds.