Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home From Florida

We just got home from Florida - around 11 pm last night. Tired. Long flight. But up early as Bandit wouldn't let me sleep past 6 a.m. He was excited to see us. Now that I'm up, I'd thought I'd give a little update on the vacation. This time I've already downloaded the pictures off the camera.

We left on Thursday, April 14th and, as I mentioned, back yesterday. So it was a nice long get away which included time in Orlando to visit the Universal theme parks and then over to Florida's west coast for relaxation on the beach at Longboat Key.

All set and ready to go for our early flight out we woke up to an email that our flight was canceled! "Chris you gotta be $%*@ing me!" I yelled. But thanks to Delta Airlines, they automatically booked us on a later flight which was better - direct, first class and only getting in 20 minutes later than planned. We were very happy about that. It's not often one says nice things about an airline but "thank you Delta!"

Chris and Rick Riding First Class to Orlando

The flight down was flawless.

View of Provincetown from above

After settling in to the hotel and then back to the airport to pick up Chris' relatives (they came in on a later flight), the next couple of days saw us in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with some really good roller coasters. The newest coaster, since our last trip there, was the Rock It. You pick a song to listen to while this coaster drops and spins you all over the place. We went on twice!

Riding the Rock It Rollercoaster

Rick being silly in Toon Town.

Pizza Anyone?

Of course the latest and greatest of the attractions was all about Harry Potter - amazing attention to detail and fabulous fun!

THe Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogwart Express

Harry Potter's Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Castle Corridors - Talking Pictures

After exhausting, around-the-clock theme park fun and blistering heat we headed off to the west coast where we parked our butts here for a week:

The Condominium Complex at Longboat Key

The Beach Across the Street

The Many Morning Walks

The Beautiful Sunsets

And Mostly Relaxing by the Pool

Ahhh, what a respite.

Well, back to reality. The weather here in Boston is gray and cool. While we were gone there was a lot of rain; looking on the bright side at least the grass is green.

Over and out for now!


P.S. Bandit says hi!


D@vid said...

Sounds like a great trip!!

Ron said...

Looks like great fun! What a cool picture of Provincetown from your plane. Oh how I miss my vacations there. Maybe one more time. We're going to make a swing through the south this time next week. I'm not publicizing it too much on my blog. Not until I get back. Great pictures! I'm glad you had a good time.

Vương Tử Trực said...

I really like the Provincetown from above and sunset pics.

Peter said...

Rick being silly in Toon Town... That's my boy! There's a kid in all of us.

A Lewis said...

Welcome back! You've just gotta love First Class. And I really dig that view of P-Town....where I'll be in July!

Mark said...

Welcome Home!
Those were some beautiful photos of the beach and sunset.
Your Friend, m.

wcs said...

Welcome back! Looks like a first class vacation all the way around!

Rick said...

@David - great all around!

@Ron - give me a shout out if you're passing by!

@Vuong - it's cool to be able to see the arm of Massachusetts like that

@Peter - always a kid at heart

@Arnie - your annual trek...lots of fun

@Mark - sunset is amazing over there

@wcs - thanks man!

Jim said...

Just what the 'doctor' ordered! Looks like you both had a great time. Welcome back!

Greg said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Now, I really want to go to Universal Florida just to see Harry Potterland.

Dave said...

I lived it also.:-)

Ur-spo said...

what lovely photos; jolly good fun !

Rick said...

@Jim - doctor's orders

@Greg - you should's worth the trip

@Dave - glad you enjoyed

@Spo - thank indeed

Michael Rivers said...

Fantastic pics! I need a vacation so bad! I hope you had a blast!

the cajun said...

Great pics and beautiful weather. Nice getaway for you guys...and flying first class, well!

Maybe I'll get a break in the fall after the tourist season ends here.

tornwordo said...

I'm crying with jealousy. Wahhhh. Love the pic of you two.

Jason, as himself said... much fun, and first class!

CJ/Rick said...

Wel look at you enjoying life to it's fullest. Glad you had a good time and made it home safely. I bet Bandit was glad to see you.