Friday, April 08, 2011


I am now tied for first place in the American Idol pool. Out of ~30 there are about 10 of us all with only 2 points left. None of us predicted Pia to be voted off American Idol. I had her as the one to win. Oh well. She's better off - another Jennifer Hudson / Daughtry loss. After all the #1 never seems to do the best.


Jim said...

It's getting good now! I thought Pia had a great 'package' but that was it, not much depth to her voice. I think James Durbin may have a chance. Who knows! Fun to watch.

D@vid said...

Pia is another Jennifer Hudson... you could plop her in the middle of a Celine Dion concert as a replacement and no one would ever know. She's probably the only one with a pure voice that could sell records in the whole bunch. It just goes to show that America's taste in anything is crap.

Ron said...

I'm sorry I'm missing the American Idol competition this year. I can't get past the judges. I know I shouldn't be this way but the fake sweetness Jennifer Lopez is too much for me. Sorry for the negativity. I'm glad you're enjoying the show. I always used to enjoy it in years past.