Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week of Charity

Since getting back from vacation it's been one thing after another. Wednesday I was in Boston for a PFLAG fundraiser auction, today down to the south shore for Chris' family gathering (a first communion and three birthday celebrations). I'll be taking my own car; I need to head out early in order to get back here for another charity event - Boston's Gay Men's Chorus is performing at the Lynn Auditorium to raise money for the local community health center. My company has sponsored the event (as we did for Wednesday's PFLAG event). Being chair of the GLBTA keeps me busy.

Sunday would be nice to relax but the yard is a mess. One thing about fertilizing, while the grass looks good, it makes it grow like crazy. I feel like I haven't slowed down since getting back from vacation.


Jim said...

But it's all for good causes Rick. Way to go! Must make you feel really good to be doing this work which will benefit future generations as well.

Peter said...

Isn't it great your employer puts itself forward to these causes.

When Chris gives you a hand the yard will look spic and span in notime.

Ur-spo said...

time to slow down then!

Mark said...

I thought you liked roller coasters?
Take it easy.
Your Friend, m.

Greg said...

Hopefully, you have a chance to rest while at your desk at the office. ;-)