Friday, July 15, 2011

Bandit's New Sister (At Least for the Night)

After coming home from the lawyer's office the other night, not only did we just acquire a new condo in Florida but we had a new visitor waiting for us in our yard. A beautiful husky, with walking harness and leash still attached came up to great us as we got of the car. I figured she slipped away, momentarily, while being walked by someone in the townhouses behind us. I took her leash and told Chris I'd be right back for her owner must be around the corner...I thought.

A half hour walking through the neighborhood I could not find anyone who knew of her. She had no dog tags on. I took her back to her new home.

Bandit's Temporary Sister Waiting for Something to Eat

I left a message for the dog officer (as of this posting I'm still waiting for a call back), took the picture above and posted it on FaceBook. Bandit and Luna, as we later knew of her, got acclimated. Bandit was a bit jealous. She was very friendly and playful.

She spent the night.

The next morning we woke up, Bandit went out to pee and she bolted out the back door. I watched her run through the back woods and figured she was gone, back to her house, perhaps up the street to one I hadn't passed by. Five minutes later she was at the back porch, ready and waiting for breakfast. While she ate five of Bandit-sized portions, I checked Facebook to see if I had any callers. Lots of curiosities and compliments on her looks but no leads.

I left a message for the dog walker to include one more dog, put her in the basement and headed off to work.

In the middle of a meeting I got a call from a friend of mine from work. He was home on vacation and saw my posting but had also seen another posting at the Coven Facebook page. He put two and two together and immediately gave me a call.

A couple hours later Luna was reunited with her owner. He gave me a reward which I didn't feel was necessary (a future donation to the animal rescue league). She headed out in howls of excitement. Bandit and I said our goodbyes. Secretly I think Bandit was grateful to have the place back to himself.


Sean said...

What a happy ending. You could also bring a lost dog to the vet to be scanned for the Home Again chip. It required (but very cheap) with adoptions on Long Island.

Jim said...

Very lucky that things worked out the way they did!
Beautiful looking dog. They can be roamers and disappear for days on end.

Greg said...

I glad you were able to find her owner!

Ur-spo said...

I would be absolutely devastated if my dog went missing. I can not imagine. I only hope if she did, someone like you will find her.

CJ/Rick said...

I was so hoping for a happy ending. Thanks for being so kind towards strangers. I bet Bandit secretly misses her. Maybe they will meet again?

the cajun said...

What a wonderful, if scary story. I love happy endings...Bandit has his personal domain back and secure.

Ron said...

Luna is a beauty! I'm so glad this story had a happy ending.

tornwordo said...

Yay for happy endings. And Facebook of course.

Ron said...

Rick, what's going on? I'm starting to get worried.