Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Condo Closing

The condo closing has been a bit of a fiasco. While we've gotten a good deal (though in this economy one can never be sure) it's been one headache after another. Hopefully, fingers crossed, all will be complete on Friday. We got word yesterday the closing packet was being sent overnight.

Chris has already got one of the spare bedrooms filled with Florida stuff. I'm just wondering how we're going to get it all down there. Pictures, bed linen, extra dishes, glasses, pots, name it.

We also bought some furniture from the guy who runs the condo association. We got a beautiful bedroom set and dining room table and chairs for cheap money. He's renting out one of his units and the people moving in have their own furniture so he needs to get rid of his.

Chris is off today. Did I tell you he's now working four ten hour days? He likes it much better, has time, mid-week, to catch up on stuff. Besides he was doing 10 hour days anyway. It gives me a break too for I don't have to run home to let Bandit out at lunch and our weekends are a little more free because he can get a jump on some of the errands. Works out good except for me having to help out with the cooking. Recall I'm not the best chef. Last night I got spaghetti and meatballs "ready", he cooked the pasta. The night before that I threw a frozen chicken pot pie in the oven. One night last week I cooked a meatloaf, which was pre-made by him on his day off and left in the fridge with instructions on what to do. One of my downsides, I'm not that great in the kitchen. But I make up for it in other ways.


wcs said...

Hope all goes smoothly. And I hope we get to see some pictures!

Jim said...

I can tell you are excited to get this over with! Good luck.
It's always good to have a 'main' cook, I say......that would be me!

Peter said...

At least you have something to look forward to.

On the shipping of your stuff, see if you can get it packed and shipped in a small container, otherwise you've to rent trailer and drive south yourself [which will take up vacation time too].

No Cooking? So that's why you stay so slim!

Craig said...

So you're not Julia Childs...but as you say you have other qualities! That's a pain about the condo closing - good luck with it.

Ron said...

"But I make up for it in other ways." Now that brings all sorts of images to one's mind. You rascal you.