Sunday, August 07, 2011

Florida Condo

Wow, I can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly. Didn't I start off the last post with the same complaint?  It makes no never mind.  As you may recall, we spent last weekend in Florida. The condo is a done deal and renovations are starting Monday. I promised a couple of pictures so here we go...

First off from the outside, we're on the fifth floor.

Front of the condo complex - in a rainstorm

A view of the back of the building overlooking golf course

In terms of renovations, we're not really having a lot done. The unit is in great shape but just needs cosmetic updating. For instances, it was built in 1990 and for whatever reason floor to ceiling mirrors were all the rage. We're getting those removed.

Living area with floor to ceiling mirrors to be removed

The carpet. Well let's just say the unit was occupied by someone who had "accidents". And while it was thoroughly cleaned, it's being ripped out and being replaced with Martha Stewart's Boscobel I, in the color of Brook Trout, installed for only $97, on sale at Home Depot.  Leave it to Martha! 

We've already gotten some furniture. The next door neighbor, the treasurer of the condo association, was selling some of the stuff from his unit, as he got a new tenant that was bringing in their own.  We got a sofa table, dining room table and chairs and bedroom set for a song.

Chris dusting off the new bedroom set

Other changes we want to do are to get rid of the wallpaper, put on a fresh coat of paint throughout, replace lighting and ceiling fans and get new faucets. We found some pretty decent deals at "Homo" Depot, as our contractor calls it. (I think she's family. ) She also gave us a 20% off contractor price.

While we spent most of the weekend running around, getting all the details coordinated and products picked out, we still managed to have a bit of fun.

Out to dinner - homemade sangria at the Columbia in Sarasato

Relaxing view by the pool
Well that's about it for now.  Sorry I've been neglectful in regular postings.  I also need to stop by your blogs to catch up on you.  I promise to be better!


Peter said...

Hon, you have so many things on your mind right now, we'll understand.

Looks like a great place to be.

wcs said...

It looks great! What fun to trick out a new place.

Craig said...

Lucky you. I'm sure it will look super. Enjoy it.

Jim said...

Looks great Rick! And good ole Martha does it again! I think I'll look into that carpet fabric.....have an idea, especially if it wears well. Thanks.
Have fun with the reno from afar.

Ur-spo said...

Lovely, indeed !

Mark said...

When I saw the mirrors, I was so hoping that that wasn't the "After" shot. Because I would have been lying when I said that they look good. Just so you know! I can't wait to see the real "after" shots. m.

Greg said...

Nice condo. Hope you two (and Bandit) enjoy it!

Will said...

Well, you said you weren't doing a lot but it certainly seems like as lot to me! Is there a market for those mirrors? I'd think they were worth something.

CJ/Rick said...

Progress! Good for you. Looks nice and I like the mirrored walls. It doubles the size! I like the bed as well. Is that leather inserts in headboard?