Monday, August 22, 2011

The Long, Overdue Ditty

Finally, here I am, able to give you one of my general updates. Life has been moving way too fast and I just haven't had the time to sit down with my morning cup of coffee and write a little ditty.

First off Bandit is doing well. He's very excited to be going to see the condo with us. We'll be driving down in about a month to sign off on the renovations, take delivery of the furniture and do some decorating. He's already got his crate packed, selected the toys he wants to bring down and has informed his Dads as to the selection of music on the Sirius. He's partial to dance music which works well for we'll need it to stay awake.

The condo. The other day I talked to the contractor. Everything is moving along on schedule. This week she's going to finish up the tile in the kitchen and schedule the carpets to be put down. Everything should be done by the time we head down. We finally found a dining room light that we liked. I need to email her the SKU and model so she can pick it up this week with the other lights at Lowe's.

Tile Work Zone

"Look!  No more mirrors!"

Chris has changed his schedule to be four ten hour days (instead of five eights). He likes it better. He gets to have Wednesdays off to catch up on things and it helps me out by not having to run home for Bandit one extra day. It also frees up our Saturdays a bit; we have more time (to do yard work).

My Crabgrass Garden

Coupons! I'm still in my coupon craze. I schedule one day a week to make my rounds at the drug stores (CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid) to pick up the free deals. Yesterday I got freeze gel for my back (still hasn't been right since last fall) and 3 bottles of hand sanitizer for free at RiteAid. I got over $50 of toiletries and groceries at Walgreens for $4.98 which doesn't include the $8.00 in rewards I got back to spend next time - so technically made money on that trip. CVS wasn't as profitable but some stuff we needed just wasn't one sale. That trip cost me $57 but was over $100 worth of stuff. Then again I got $21 in back rewards to spend next time so actually a lot better than I thought.

Free Stuff Shelf is Getting Full

I finally finished Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. It only took me four months! It was good but I got hung up in the middle. I'm now reading Armistead Maupin's Micheal Tolliver Lives which I'm loving. I just love Maupin's style. I'm already half way through it and just started it last week.

Well that's about it. Chris' alarm just went off which is my cue that it's I should get ready to get ready.

Over and out...



Stew said...

Don't forget to get your $10 free gas card at CVS every week. And scan your card on the way in for extra deals. Summer stuff went 50% on Sunday. You may need summer stuff at the condo.

Stamford Curtains said...

The sale at CVS can be a big help.

tornwordo said...

I've been lax too. Awesome on the coupons. And the condo. Are you going to spend winters there?

Peter said...

Looks like you bought the condo by using coupons, what I mean is... what you saved by using coupons. It looks great already and mighty fine when it's ready.

Ur-spo said...

crab grass garden! hohoho

Rick said...

@Stew -- gotten 2 of them!

@Tornwordo - I wish! Not yet, maybe a few more decades

@Peter - coupons certainly helped

@Spo - yes, my nemesis

Ron said...

Your crabgrass looks just fine. I'm considering going that way myself. Spending almost $2,000 a year to keep my perfectly green lawn with nary a weed may just be a bit too much.

Jim said...

Hey Rick. Time to 'catch up' on what you guys are up to. I see you are busy! Bet you can't wait to get to the exciting!
The grass situation.....we had a lawn in front and back when we moved here 20 years ago. We dug it all up and started planting everything. Sounds like a lot of work but not as much as a lawn requires in our books.
Good to see you guys are well.