Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bandit Here with an Update

Hey there! Bandit here. Apparently my Dad has been too busy to update this here blog so I've opted to do so.

We just got back from Florida on Monday. We spent a week and a half down there. I was sort of grateful that they took me. In hindsight it was better than being in some kennel however being in the car for so long was daunting. 28 hours down and 24 hours back with stops midway in a place called Vagina (at least that's what Daddy Chris called it).

The daddies spent most of the time decorating. How gay. Go figure. And Daddy Rick took pictures (one above) with his camera phone that didn't really come out that good. But he also took over a hundred pictures with the good camera only to come back and accidentally delete them all from the disk. So all we have to show is the one picture above (that looks like crap) of the kitchen. (By the way, at that time I was trying to reach out to you all for help but got caught.)

Anyway, the condo is nice. However I was a bit scared for the first couple of days and spent a majority of the time in the master bath shower stall, not really sure why just felt safe.

Going outside was always a trip. As the condo is on the 5th floor we had to lock ourselves into this giant electronic box - which kind of scared me - and would move and shake and then miraculously we'd end up down near the grass where I could finally relieve myself. I only had one accident. Thank God it was on the tile floor. Daddy Chris ran me ragged running up and down the hallway playing ball upstairs. I was so exhausted it just came flying out of me. Guess I'm getting old.

Talk about hot! We went for one long walk and I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. Another time they took me to some doggie park nearby. It was okay except for me mistakenly traipsing through some other dog's droppings and later smearing it all over Daddy Chris' backseat. He wasn't happy.

From what I hear we won't be driving down again anytime soon. Looks like I'll be sent off somewhere and they'll be flying down. A lot of swearing and yelling specifically on the way down: we were in the car for 7 hours and still only in Connecticut. According to Daddy Rick's calculations we should have been somewhere in New Jersey or something but some tractor trailer decided to flip over on the Mass Pike and shut it down. Daddy Rick and I got out and walked along the highway whilst Daddy Chris sat in the car parked in the middle of the highway - three hours stuck in a parking lot of traffic. In fact, at one point, Daddy Rick had to go so bad that a large Dunkin Donuts coffee cup came in handy.

Anyway, glad to be back. So much for now!



Ur-spo said...

We used to have a cup like this for the same reason.
It is a good boy scout move, to be prepared so.

Peter said...

Hey Bandit, it's good to hear from you again. You've got your own blog but only write on it [yourself] ones in a long while.

It's good to hear you enjoyed your trip South, even when it took so long to cross the Dixie Line and to enter Vagina...

But there's also no place like home, no shaking electronic box to go places and the like. And in your own garden you can chase the squirls better than on those palmtrees.

Give my regards to C&R and have a PAWFECT weekend.

Jim said...

You're a riot, Bandit! We have had to resort to a coffee cup many a times!
The condo looks and sounds fabulous! Too bad about the 'interruption' on the way down.

tornwordo said...

A road trip aint a roadtrip without a pee emergency. An empty bottle works better than a cup, fyi, lol.

CJ/Rick said...

Bandit if you wanted heat and humidity you shoud have come to TX. Okay so it's the arm pit of the gulf coast and the water is brown.
Glad you made it home safely.

Ur-spo said...

Bandit dear, could you fetch your master back, we are waiting for news.....