Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Some Little Tidbits

Alright, here's just a few tidbits floating around in this early morning not enough caffeine in my brain yet head of mine...

Occupy Wall Street. I'm a bit confused about this movement, a litany of demands with no real coherent structure. I'd like to support them yet not really sure if I can yet. I understand the "Y" generation is frustrated, as they should be. I respect their ability to come together with an intent on change and doing good. However there is something about this movement, and maybe this is me just getting older and more conservative, that smacks of laziness and just a push for socialism. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong.

The X-Factor. I am so into this show! But was bummed last night when a rain delay for the American League baseball game preempted the show. I wonder if tonight's show will be last night's? Regardless, I'll be watching.

Refinance. Finally, the refi for the house is over! Last night the lawyer came to the house and all the paper work was signed. We started looking into this in August when the interest rates plummeted. This one (which I think is our third since owning the house) seemed to take forever mainly because the initial appraiser went AWOL after looking at our house. (Perhaps he's still down in our basement somewhere.) They had to order another inspection after waiting two weeks for this first guy.

New Tires. You may recall, in January of 2009 I bought brand new Goodyear Eagle GTs at NTB (National Tire and Battery). Never again for both Goodyear and NTB. Only 12,000 miles put on these tires since then, rotated as required, now completely bald. Monday I went to Town Fair Tire and put on brand new Toyos. I went to NTB first. Their response was there was no warranty. They gave me a price on new tires that was high and wouldn't budge. Done with NTB! They just lost all my business. Between oil changes, bushings, brakes and more, I've literally spent thousands there!

National Coming Out Day. As chair of the GLBTA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and allies) alliance at my office, on Tuesday, for National Coming Out Day, we had a PowerPoint running in the cafeteria with pictures and quotes from employees, mostly straight allies, as to why they support the GLBT. It was very powerful. In between the quotes we had embedded a new video from corporate about inclusiveness in the workplace. The day turned out to be very successful. We increased our membership over 70%, far exceeding our goals for the year.

Alright, now that I'm on my second cup of coffee I'm beginning to wake. Over and out for now!


Jim said...

Hey Rick! Good to get your 'update!
As far as 'Wall Street' demos go....I think most are fed up with the ever-widening gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. I am for sure. And it appears that our governments are now being run by big corporations and financial institutions....not by us at all.
We have 'free' health care in Canada, and the UK has a similar system, as well as other countries in Europe. We presently have a Conservative government here as does the UK. I don't that is socialism but some would say it is. If so, than I prefer what we have.....don't care what it's called.

sophie...^5 said...

We saw XFactor last night but now the repeat is on...aargh!

Ste said...

That's really cool that your office put that presentation on and I'm very happy at how it was so successful!

Rick said...

@Jim - I agree...they're definitely fed up, as a lot of us are just not sure I agree with their approach.

@Sophie - saw the show last night and loved it...looks like Sunday will be the new one.

@Ste - it was a lot of work but worth it.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I bought a new 5 series BMW that came with high performance tires. I needed new tires at 12,000 miles. My car broker told me the tires that came with the car were only designed to last 12k miles. A month later the car needed new brakes.

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy reading your updates.
I don't get the protests either.

Peter said...

We have those Occupy protests too, in front of our own "Wall Str" at EuroNeXt. A lot of shouts but no-one knows what it's all about. Including the protesters.