Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Condo Pics

Thanks to my sister visiting my condo, I now have pictures of the Florida condo. (Recall I accidentally deleted all the ones I took during my last trip.)

We let my brother and his partner use the condo for the week. Meanwhile my sister was in the area visiting a friend so they all happened upon our place whilst we braved a Halloween snowstorm at home.

I tried to match up some before pictures to contrast with the new...

Before:  View from Kitchen into Dining Area

After:  New Dining Area

Before:  Floor to Glass Walls!  Ugh! (w. brother, JC and realtor in porch area)

After:  New more mirrors!

After:  New Living Room Set

My New Favorite Painting

I picked up this painting above for literally next to nothing. It's called the Open Road.  Someone was selling it at the Salvation Army, of all places. I got it for three bucks. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I just love the bluish-purple sky. We had it framed and it looks like a million bucks.

Here's another one (below) that we also got on the same trip, just as cheap. It's a Van Gogh knock off but I still like it.

Starry Nights Like

And Into the New Boudoir

Remember, I'm all about being frugal. This bedroom set above is solid wood, weighs a ton and, in my opinion, looks very expensive. I spent $350 for the whole set. My new neighbor was selling it.

Before:  Master Bath Area w. Stained (Ugh!) Rug, Decorative Wallpaper and More!

After:  New Tile, Fresh paint and Wainscoting

Alright, that's enough. You asked so I'm sharing. Hope you enjoyed.


Jim said...

Rick, the condo looks great! Bet you can't wait to get there again!
Amazing eh what you can find at the Salvation Army shop.....nice paintings.

the cajun said...

Great pics. Going to be nice to look forward to visiting when the weather is cold and snowy up here. ya'know, like last weekend!

Congrats and enjoy it.

Peter said...

What a transformation! It looks great and will be a delight when the weather turns horrible again.

wcs said...

Looks great! You will certainly enjoy that!

CJ/Rick said...

It looks great! You will have friends and relatives coming out of the woodwork. ;)

BosGuy said...

Where in FL is the condo?

Ur-spo said...

any updates?