Sunday, November 20, 2011

Typical New England

Last night I got to see some old friends of mine. (Well, not that they are old; you know what I mean). We went to Rowley for dinner and to see a band perform - good food, fun music and great company.

I love that area, the north North Shore of Massachusetts. It's not that far from us, about 20 minutes, but it feels so different - quintessential New England with its small towns and old homes. Especially this time of year with the fall leaves dotting the streets it is particularly picturesque.

When we were looking at houses, back in 2007-08, we looked up there. We saw one particular house that we really liked but the septic system was bad, and then there was the commute for Chris. It's just a little too far out. Plus here in Salem there's so much more to do - restaurants, museums, transportation, parks all within walking distance - not to mention $60k less for our house. I think we made the right choice.

The House We Didn't Get (Rowley, MA)

When the PEM (Peabody Essex Museum) renovated back in 2003, it really changed Salem for the better - creating with it an offshoot of fine dining and a revived downtown. The PEM is now considered one of the top museums in the country. It has a huge endowment which in this economic climate is unheard of. In fact, a couple weeks ago they announced a new $650 million dollar 175,000-square-foot expansion to be completed in 2016. And because we're residents of Salem we get to go whenever we want for free! Go PEM!

Anyway, today will be a take-it-easy day: breakfast with our friend Diane, then later on I might trim some shrubs. Tonight we'll have a fire in the fireplace and a nice boiled New England dinner then sit down to watch Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead.

That's it for now!


Jim said...

We only got a glimpse of your North Shore this was very lovely.
PEM sounds great! What a gift to have!
Ron says we should start watching The Walking Dead!!!! Yikes! I am such a chicken shit! lol
Have a great Sunday you two.

wcs said...

New England in the fall! Very nice, indeed. We're having a mild fall so far and we're enjoying it. It will get cold soon enough.

BosGuy said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving Rick.