Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day, Florida, VW Bugs and More!

I haven't written in awhile and wanted to post a quick little update, nothing earth-shattering.

It's Veteran's Day. Neither Chris or I have the day off. Fine. I have the day after Thanksgiving off instead. Chris on the other hand gets limited holidays, doesn't get today or the day after turkey day.

We've planned two trips to the Florida condo for next year. One in January and another in April. In January we're going to do some painting in the kitchen. It's too bland. And we're also going to get some end tables. In April we'll finally get a TV. Other than that it's pretty much all set. The contractor is coming back this week to center the light fixture over the dining room table, nothing big.

I'm still on VW Bug tear. I've been looking at classic VW Beetles for a couple of years now. Someday I'll get one. I used to have one when I was a kid, a 1973 Super Beetle. I got into an accident with it on the way to the bank for my sister. After that I lost interest in it - too much damage and couldn't afford to fix it. Anyway, every now and again I dabble on eBay looking for the right one. They're expensive but if I found one at a rock bottom price not needing too much work I'd go for it. But then where would I put it. On second thought...

No big plans for this weekend which is fine by me. The last couple of weekends have been busy with birthday parties, Halloween and getting things ready for the winter. Hopefully this weekend will be nice and easy.

Other than that not too much going on. Bandit is well. He needs a bath. On Chris' day off he took Bandit for a run on Nahant beach and then a trollop with a basketball in the backyard. He's still a bit of a mess and also needs a haircut - Bandit that is.

Okay, well over and out for now.


Jim said...

There's that date again....1973! It keeps appearing all the time. I must do a post about it.
Good to hear the condo is pretty much ready for you guys to start enjoying! January and April will be great times for Florida.
Bandit looks good to cute!

Will said...

VW Beetle and you want to do it again knowing what you know now?! I drove a '72 VW111(non-Super) for 11 years. It saw me through part of High School, college (and that was more than 4 years), and my first job (until I could save up to replace it). It was both reliable and primitive for its time (and I emphasize primitive). I have no sentimental attachment.

Peter said...

Enjoy your weekend! Give Bandit a belly rub from me. [If you want one too, ask Chris] ;o)