Monday, January 30, 2012

The January Post

What, is this a monthly blog? 

Where the hell have you been?

Alright. I know. I've been neglectful in my posts. I said I wasn't retiring, not just yet anyway, but as you know life has its way of rearing surprises. Suffice it to say I'm doing good. Bandit is fine.

In January Chris and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of weeks in Florida. We spent time at the condo, sun worshiping and listening to the residents complain how cold 70 degrees felt. I don't think so.

The John Ringling Museum in Sarasota is a must-see! Unbelievable art.  I thought this guy was just a circus man.  Not so.

Ringling's Ca' d'Zan Mansion in Sarasota, Florida

For Massachusetts, we've lucked on this winter.  I've yet to unpack the snow shovel from the shed.  Let's keep it there, next to the lawn mower.  Last year at this time we were up to our eyeballs, literally, in the white crap.

Over and out, for now...


Jim said...

Hey Rick! Good to hear from you! 70 degrees is shabby by ant means....we'll take it and day!
We had a little snow sometime last month but nothing much at all. If we get any and it's coming from YOUR direction, you're in BIG trouble, buddy! lol
Ringling Museum is unbelievable. Looks like something you would find in France!

wcs said...

Glad you checked in. We're getting a little snow now. I think you'd call it "a dusting." But here it's the lead story on the evening news.

Stew said...

It's good to get some use out of the condo. I hope you didn't spend too much time working on the place though.
As for snow, I think we'll get one big storm in March. So maybe get the shovel out before you need a shovel to get to it.

Peter said...

Good for you to have spend some time South. Just as WCS we had a dusting of snow, and everyone thinks it will compare to the horror winter of 2010/2011. Not in my region.

Mike said...

Welcome back to Massachusetts! A few weeks in Florida sounds like the perfect get-away. Have missed reading your updates.

Ur-spo said...

I too am happy to see you posting!

Ur-spo said...

It is time for a February post, yes please?

CJ/Rick said...

Glad to hear you and Bandit are okay.