Saturday, February 18, 2012

Part I: The Incident

It was the January 25th, I recall from the police log.  It was a Wednesday. Chris had the day off, as he normally does.

I came home from work welcomed by the smell of a nice roast chicken dinner being cooked.  Bandit barked his usual greeting and ran around in circles trying to get me to take him for a walk.  "Smells yummy," I said and gave Chris a kiss.

"Hi!  I've had a great day.  I'm loving my Wednesday's off, Rick," he said.  "Bandit I played ball outside... I cleaned the my taxes ready for the accountant...visited my dad.  Good day."

"That's good."  Chris' new found energy from having a mid-week day off has been remarkable.  "My day was busy.  Too many meetings but what else is knew."

I went upstairs, stopped into the great room before heading up another flight to the master suite.  "You started a fire!"  He didn't hear me through the din of his dance music.

Upstairs, I undressed and suited up for Bandit's walk, headed back down the two flights of stairs and took Bandit's leash out from the cupboard.  The opening of the cabinet always gets him excited.  There's always something good in there:  cookies, food and walking apparel.

"He's been waiting for you to walk him," Chris said.

"I know.  We'll be right back.  It's cold out."  I replied and then to Bandit, "you've had plenty of fun chasing the basketball of love," I don't know we add 'of love' to everything - baby talk for the dog.  "You don't need a long walk.  We'll just go around the block." Then to Chris I said, "we'll be right back!"


Jim said...

Now that you have me hooked Rick.....where are you going? I know, sit tight and wait!!!

Sean said...

Where are you going and how long is it going to take to get there?

Peter said...

Are you trying to get a short story longer, and that case Mister... it's working!

wcs said...


Rick said...

Rest assured Chris, Bandit and I are fine! All works's just been a trying past month or so.

Mike said...

And then? And then?

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